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Travel - South America
This is a great blog portal where users can sign up to write a travel blog complete with photoblogging, and all of the blogs are contained within the site. It's a fun place to roam around reading about travel in different countries, with links to country data and geography as well. The forum is moderated for language & content, and should be family friendly as a result. You can subscribe to any blogs you like & follow the writer's travels.

Ed's Gone South Travelogue
This guy Ed road his motorcycle from the good ole USA all the way to Tierra del Fuego & back again, visiting all kinds of fantastic places in between. His diary was voted one of the "best travel blogs" by Forbes magazine. More for adults than kids (language not entirely clean) - Ed's blog offers an inside look at the adventure of a lifetime.

Buenos Aires para Brasileiros
Travel and Tourism - places to visit and buy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

La Alfombra Mágica
Reportajes de cultura, aventura y viajes por el mundo a lomos de una motocicleta

Fotos y relatos de viajes
Viajando por la Patagonia

Txemi...en las afueras de Bilbao
Blog personal que cuenta la experiencia de Txemi, alguien que decidió cambiar el rumbo de su vida aceptando un trabajo en el extranjero (fuera de España). Fotos, historias, y muchas anécdotas.

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